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Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 32, Number 1, January/February 2000

Table of Contents

The Impact of Mississippi's Mandatory Delay Law on the Timing of Abortion [html] []
Ted Joyce and Robert Kaestner

Adolescent Pregnancy and Childbearing: Levels and Trends in Developed Countries [html] []
Susheela Singh and Jacqueline E. Darroch

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Among Adolescents in Developed Countries [html] []
Christine Panchaud, Susheela Singh, Dina Feivelson and Jacqueline E. Darroch

Older, but Not Wiser: How Men Get Information About AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases After High School [html] []
Carolyn H. Bradner, Leighton Ku and Laura Duberstein Lindberg

Partner Effects on a Woman's Intention to Conceive: 'Not with This Partner' [html] []
Laurie Schwab Zabin, George R. Huggins, Mark R. Emerson and Vanessa E. Cullins


Degree of Certainty About Plans to Have Children Strongly Predicts Whether Individuals Will Do So [html]
L. Remez

Women Exposed to Childhood Abuse Have Elevated Odds of Unintended First Pregnancy as Adults [html]
I. Olenick

Surprisingly Low Sexually Transmitted Disease Rates Found Among Drug Users [html]
M. Moore

Many Medicaid Recipients in Managed Care Plans Do Not Take Full Advantage of Available Prenatal Benefits [html]
D. Hollander

Social Factors Play Major Role in Making Young People Sexual Risk-Takers [html]
M.L. O'Connor

Entry into Prenatal Care And Breastfeeding Initiation Have Increased in 13 States [html]
L. Gerstein

Likelihood That a Condom Will Break or Slip Off Is at Least Partly Related to User's Characteristics [html]
M.L. O'Connor