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The Guttmacher Report

International Family Planning Perspectives

Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health

fact sheets

Contraceptive Services (2005, fact sheet) [html]  []

Contraceptive Use (2005, fact sheet) [html]  []

Induced Abortion (US) (2003, fact sheet) [html]  []

State Facts About Abortion (2003, fact sheets) [html & pdf]

Contraception Counts: State-by-state Comparative Data (2002, fact sheets) [html & pdf]

Sexual and Reproductive Health: Women and Men (2002, fact sheet) [html]  []

Sexuality Education (2002, fact sheet) [html]  []

State Policies in Brief (2002, fact sheets) [pdfs]

Family Planning Services in the U.S. in the Late 1990s: State and County Data (2001, fact sheet) [html]

Teenagers' Sexual and Reproductive Health (2001, fact sheet) [html]  []

Induced Abortion Worldwide (1999, fact sheet) [html]  []

Aborto inducido a nivel mundial (1999, fact sheet)

Sexuality and Abstinence Education Policies in U.S. Public School Districts (1999, fact sheet) [html]

Teen Sex and Pregnancy (1999, fact sheet) [html]  []

policy analysis

Beyond Slogans: Lessons From Uganda's ABC Experience (2004, policy analysis) [html]  []

Medicaid Family Planning Expansions Hit Stride (2004, policy analysis) [html]  []

Preventing Unintended Pregnancy in the U.S. (2004, policy analysis) [html]  []

The Benefits of Investing in Sexual and Reproductive Health (2004, policy analysis) [html]  []

The Role of Reproductive Health Providers in Preventing HIV (2004, policy analysis) [html]  []

A Look at the U.S. Global AIDS Policy (2003, policy analysis) [html]  []

Emergency Contraception: Improving Access (2003, policy analysis) [html]  []

Emergency Contraception: Increasing Public Awareness (2003, policy analysis) [html]  []

Family Planning and the Fight Against Obesity (2003, policy analysis) [html]  []

Immigrants and Medicaid After Welfare Reform (2003, policy analysis) [html]  []

Lessons from Before Roe: Will Past be Prologue? (2003, policy analysis) [html]  []

Nowhere But Up: Rising Costs for Title X Clinics (2003, policy analysis) [html]  []

The Cost of Contraceptive Insurance Coverage (2003, policy analysis) [html]  []

Three Decades of Legal Abortion (2003, policy analysis) [html]

Family Planning Can Reduce High Infant Mortality Levels (2002, policy analysis) [html]  []

Looking at Men's Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs (2002, policy analysis) [html]  []

New Medicaid Initiative, State Budget Woes Collide (2002, policy analysis) [html]  []

Teen Pregnancy Trends and Lessons Learned (2002, policy analysis) [html]  []

Women and Societies Benefit When Childbearing is Planned (2002, policy analysis) [html]  []

Challenges Facing Family Planning Clinics and Title X (2001, policy analysis) [html]  []

Community Health Centers (2001, policy analysis) [html]  []

Expanding Eligibility and Outreach Under CHIP (2001, policy analysis) [html]  []

Sex Education: Politicians, Parents, Teachers and Teens (2001, policy analysis) [html]  []

State-Level Policies on Sexuality, STD Education (2001, policy analysis) [html]  []

Title X: Three Decades of Accomplishment (2001, policy analysis) [html]  []

Adolescent Care Standards and State CHIP Efforts (2000, policy analysis) [html]  []

Revisiting Public Funding of Abortion for Poor Women (2000, policy analysis) [html]  []

School Based Health Centers and the Birth Control Debate (2000, policy analysis) [html]  []

State Responses to Substance Abuse Among Pregnant Women (2000, policy analysis) [html]  []

Welfare Law and the Drive to Reduce 'Illegitimacy' (2000, policy analysis) [html]  []

Abortion in Context: United States and Worldwide (1999, policy analysis) [html]  []

U.S. Policy Can Reduce Barriers to Contraception (1999, policy analysis) [html ]

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Hamper Development Efforts (1998, policy analysis) [html]  []

The Cairo Consensus: Challenges for U.S. Policy at Home and Abroad (1998, policy analysis) [html]

The Role of Contraception in Reducing Abortion (1998, policy analysis) [html]

Late Term Abortions: Legal Considerations (1997, policy analysis) [html]

An Overview of Clandestine Abortion in Latin America (1996, policy analysis) [html]

The Limitations of U.S. Statistics on Abortion (1996, policy analysis) [html ]


Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health in Malawi: A Synthesis of Research Evidence  (2005, research) []

Adolescents in Burkina Faso: Sexual and Reproductive Health (2005, research) []

Adolescents in Malawi: Sexual and Reproductive Health (2005, research) []

Adolescents in Uganda: Sexual and Reproductive Health (2005, research) []

Early Childbearing in Nigeria:  A Continuing Challenge  (2005, research) []

Executive Summary: In Their Own Words, Adolescents' Views on Sexual and Reproductive Health in Sub-Saharan Africa (2005, research) []

Public Funding for Contraceptive, Sterilization and Abortion Services, FY 1980–2001 (2005, research) [html]

Reducing Unintended Pregnancy and Unsafe Abortion in Uganda (2005, research) []

Temoignages d'Adolescents, Sur la Sante Sexuelle et Reproductive en Afrique Subsaharienne (2005, research) []

Adolescents in Ghana: Sexual and Reproductive Health (2004, research) [html]  []

Contraceptive Needs and Services, 2001-2002 (2004, research) [html]

Improving Reproductive Health in the Philippines (2003, research) [html]  []

special reports

Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health in Uganda: A Synthesis of Research Evidence  (2005, special report) []

Assessing Costs and Benefits of Sexual and Reproductive Health Interventions (2005, special report) []

Les adolescents au Burkina Faso: Santé sexuelle et reproductive (2005, special report) []

Qualitative Evidence on Adolescents Views of Sexual and Reproductive Health in Sub-Saharan Africa (2005, special report) []

Adding It Up: The Benefits of Investing in Sexual and Reproductive Health Care (2004, special report) [html]

Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health in Ghana: A Synthesis of Research Evidence  (2004, special report) []

Risk and Protection: Youth and HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa (2004, special report) []

Sante Sexuelle et de la Reproduction des Jeunes au Burkina Faso: Un Etat des Lieux Occasional Report 12  (2004, special report) []

Sex, Marriage & Fathering: A Profile of Sub-Saharan African Men (2004, special report) [html]

Sex, Marriage and Fathering: A Profile of Latin American and Caribbean Men (2004, special report) [html]

State-by-State Teenage Pregnancy Statistics (2004, special report) []

The Unfinished Revolution in Contraception: Convenience, Consumer Access and Choice (2004, special report) []

A, B and C in Uganda: Roles of Abstinence, Monogamy and Condom Use in HIV Decline (2003, executive summary) []

A, B and C in Uganda: Roles of Abstinence, Monogamy and Condom Use in HIV Decline (2003, special report) []

Annotated Bibliography on HIV/AIDS and Youth in Sub-Saharan Africa (2003, special report) []

Family Planning Annual Report: 2003 Summary (2003, special report) []

In Their Own Right: Addressing the Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs of Men Worldwide (2003, special report) [html]

National Teenage Pregnancy Statistics (2003, special report) [html]  []

In Their Own Right: Addressing the Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs of American Men (2002, special report) [html ]

Medicaid Support for Family Planning in the Managed Care Era (2001, special report) [ ]

Teenage Sexual and Reproductive Behavior in Developed Countries: Can More Progress Be Made? (2001, special report) [html]

Unwanted Pregnancy and Abortion: Public Challenges in Latin America and The Caribbean (2001, special report) []

Fulfilling the Promise: Public Policy and U.S. Family Planning Clinics (2000, special report) []

Potential Impact of Increased Family Planning Funding on the Lives of Women & Their Families Overseas (2000, special report) [html]  []

Microbicides: A New Defense Against Sexually Transmited Diseases (1999, special report) []

Sharing Responsibility: Women, Society and Abortion Worldwide (1999, special report) [ ]

Teenagers' Pregnancy Intentions and Decisions: A Study of Young Women in California Choosing to Give Birth (1999, special report) [html]  []

Why is Teenage Pregnancy Declining? The Roles of Abstinence, Sexual Activity and Contraceptive Use (1999, special report) [html]  []

Cost to Employer Health Plans of Covering Contraceptives: Summary Methodology and Background (1998, special report) [html ]

Into a New World: Young Women's Sexual and Reproductive Lives (1998, executive summary)  Available in:
Arabic      Bahasa [html]     English [html]     French [html]
Portuguese [html]     Spanish [html]    

presentation tools

Adding It Up: The Benefits of Investing in Sexual and Reproductive Health Care (2004, special report) (2004, presentation tool) [ppt]

Contraception in the United States: Current Use and Continuing Challenges (2004, presentation tool) [ppt]

In Their Own Right: Addressing the Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs of Men Worldwide (2004, presentation tool) [ppt]

An Overview of Abortion in the U.S. (2003, presentation tool) [ppt & pdf]

Sex Education: Needs, Programs and Policies (2003, presentation tool) [ppt & pdf]

State-by-State Trends in Abortion in the United States (2003, presentation tool) [ppt & pdf]

Trends in Abortion in the United States, 1973-2000 (2003, presentation tool) [ppt & pdf]

In Their Own Right: Addressing the Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs of American Men (2002, presentation tool) [ppt & pdf]

Fulfilling the Promise (2001, presentation tool) [ppt & pdf]

Teenage Sexual and Reproductive Behavior in Developed Countries: (2001, presentation tool) [ppt & pdf]


Readings on Teenagers and Sex Education (2004, compilation) []

interested party memo

Critical Role of Medicaid in Financing FamilyPlanning Services—State-Level Data (2005, interested party memo) []

CMS study of Medicaid family planning waiver programs (2004, interested party memo) []

Teen Pregnancy Rate Declines: A Response to Adolescent & Family Health (2003, interested party memo) []


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