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Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health
Vol. 36, No. 2, March/April 2004

Table of Contents

In This Issue 36(2) [html]
The Alan Guttmacher Institute

FYI 36(2) [html]  []
Dore Hollander

Parents' Beliefs About Condoms and Oral Contraceptives: Are They Medically Accurate? [html]  []
Marla E. Eisenberg, Linda H. Bearinger, Renee E. Sieving, Carolyne Swain and Michael D. Resnick

Attitudes and Intentions of Future Health Care Providers Toward Abortion Provision [html]  []
Solmaz Shotorbani, Frederick J. Zimmerman, Janice F. Bell, Deborah Ward and Nassim Assefi

Acceptability of the Vaginal Diaphragm Among Current Users [html]  []
Julie E. Maher, S. Marie Harvey, Sheryl Thorburn Bird, Victor J. Stevens and Linda J. Beckman

U.S. Insurance Coverage of Contraceptives and the Impact Of Contraceptive Coverage Mandates, 2002 [html]  []
Adam Sonfield, Rachel Benson Gold, Jennifer J. Frost
and Jacqueline E. Darroch

The HIPAA Privacy Rule and Adolescents: Legal Questions and Clinical Challenges [html]  []
Abigail English and Carol A. Ford

Source and Perceived Quality of Information Are Linked To Users' Odds of Discontinuing Hormone Therapy [html]  []
S. London

Power in Relationship and Pressure to Have Sex May Affect Women's Use of Emergency Contraception [html]
T. Tamkins

Teenage Pregnancy Risk Rises with Childhood Exposure to Family Strife [html]
T. Tamkins

Risk of Pregnancy-Related Death Is Sharply Elevated For Women 35 and Older [html]
S. London

Family Planning Clinic Visits Present Opportunities For Providers to Screen for Mental Health Problems [html]
D. Hollander

Sexual Inexperience Does Not Preclude Some Risk Of Bacterial Vaginosis [html]
D. Hollander

Most Women Are Unlikely To Experience Premenstrual Mood Change with Pill Use [html]
R. MacLean

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