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Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health
Vol. 36, No. 6, November/December 2004

Table of Contents

In This Issue 36(6) [html]
Michael Resnick

Sexual Victimization Among a National Probability Sample of Adolescent Women [html]  []
Ramesh Raghavan, Laura M. Bogart, Marc N. Elliott, Katherine D. Vestal and Mark A.Schuster

Infrequency of Sexually Transmitted Disease Screening Among Sexually Experienced U.S. Female Adolescents [html]  []
Lynne C. Fiscus, Carol A. Ford and William C. Miller

Implications of Racial and Gender Differences In Patterns of Adolescent Risk Behavior for HIV And Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases [html]  []
CarolynTucker Halpern, Denise Hallfors, Daniel J. Bauer, Bonita Iritani, Martha W. Waller and Hyunsan Cho

Ambivalence and Pregnancy: Adolescents' Attitudes, Contraceptive Use and Pregnancy [html]  []
Hannah Brückner, Anne Martin and Peter S. Bearman

Perceived Risk of Chlamydial and Gonococcal Infection Among Sexually Experienced Young Adults In the United States [html]  []
Carol A. Ford, James Jaccard, Susan G. Millstein, Philip E. Bardsley and William C. Miller

Contraceptive Use and Consistency in U.S. Teenagers' Most Recent Sexual Relationships [html]  []
Jennifer Manlove, Suzanne Ryan and Kerry Franzetta

Social and Behavioral Determinants of Self-Reported STD Among Adolescents [html]  []
Dawn M. Upchurch, William M. Mason, Yasamin Kusunoki and Maria Johnson Kriechbaum

LETTERS: California Adolescents' Use of Family Planning Services [html]  []

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