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David Landry, Senior Research Associate

David Landry joined AGI in 1992. As Senior Research Associate, he has authored numerous research articles that focus on such sexual and reproductive health topics as adolescent and male reproductive health, sex education, unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. He has conducted national level surveys of public health departments, U.S. public school district superintendents, sex education teachers and private physicians involved in family planning care. Mr. Landry earned his M.A. in sociology at the University of Wisconsin, having specialized in demography.

Recent Publications Include:

Landry DJ and Henshaw SK, U.S. Teenage Pregnancy Statistics Overall Trends, Trends by Race and Ethnicity and State-by-State Information, 2004, The Alan Guttmacher Institute,, accessed April 27, 2005.

Landry DJ, Darroch JE, Singh S and Higgins J, Factors Associated with the Content of Sexuality Education in U.S. Public Secondary Schools, Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 2003, 35(6):261-269.

The Alan Guttmacher Institute (AGI), In Their Own Right: Addressing the Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs of American Men, AGI, New York: 2002.

Landry DJ, Sex Education: A View from the United States, in Hodder and Stoughton, eds., Teenage Sex: What Should Schools Teach Children? London, 2002.

Landry DJ, Singh S and Darroch JE, Sexuality Education in Fifth and Sixth Grades in U.S. Public Schools, 1999, Family Planning Perspectives, 2000, 32(5):212-219.

Darroch JE, Landry DJ and Singh S, Changing Emphasis in Sexuality Education in U.S. Public Schools, 1988-1999, Family Planning Perspectives, 2000, 32(5)204-211, 265.

Landry DJ, Kaeser L and Richards CL, Abstinence Promotion and the Provision of Information About Contraception In Public School District Sexuality Education Policies, Family Planning Perspectives, 1999, 31 (6), 280-286.

Darroch JE, Landry DJ and Oslak S, Age Differences Between Sexual Partners in the United States, Family Planning Perspectives, 1999, 31(4), 160-167.

Darroch JE, Landry DJ and Oslak S, Pregnancy Rates Among U.S. Women and Their Partners in 1994, Family Planning Perspectives, 1999, 31(3):122-126 & 136.

Hook EW III, Darroch JE, Landry DJ and Mabey D, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Reproductive Health Clinical Services: Categorical Clinics and Integrated Programs, in Holmes KK, Sparling PF, Mardh PA, Lemon SM, Stamm WE, Piot P and Wasserheit JN, eds., Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Third Edition, 1999, McGraw-Hill, New York, p. 1273-1279.