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Publicly Funded Family Planning Services Threatened

•One in five U.S. women of reproductive age were uninsured in 2003.

•Nearly 17 million women are in need of subsidized family planning services--380,000 more than there were just two years ago.

•27 states and DC have seen family planning funding decline or stagnate since 1994.

•In 1994, publicly funded contraceptive services helped women prevent 1.3 million unplanned pregnancies, which would have resulted in 632,300 abortions and 533,800 unintended births.


Gap Widening Between U.S. Women’s Birth Control Needs and Government Response

New Study Shows Expanding Medicaid Coverage for Family Planning Services Helps Women


"Today, half of all women who are sexually active and fertile but do not want to get pregnant need publicly funded services to help them access birth control," says Rachel Benson Gold, director of policy analysis at the Guttmacher Institute. "Yet in Congress and the states, we are facing a potential 'perfect storm' that could make it harder for these women to get contraceptives, counseling, and STD testing that help them plan their pregnancies and protect their health."

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Click here for national and state-level data on contraceptive needs and services.

Click here for federal and state trends in public funding for family planning.

Click for a state-by-state breakdown of the key role Medicaid funding plays in family planning and the proportion of women who are uninsured.

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