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State Trends in Abortion
Click below for a 30-year analysis of abortion in your state:

  • Annual number of abortions
  • Abortion rate
  • Number of providers

The presentations can be downloaded as PowerPoint files, to be presented directly from a computer (with or without a projector), printed onto paper handouts or overhead transparencies, or converted to slides by a service bureau. Each presentation includes a set of slides and accompanying notes, which can be accessed by choosing the "notes pages" option for viewing or printing. (From Internet Explorer, choose [Edit] [Edit Slides] to view the PowerPoint menu options.)

*Available in Powerpoint (click ppt) or Adobe PDF format (click pdf)

Alabama [ppt] or    Alaska [ppt] or 
Arizona [ppt] or    Arkansas [ppt] or 
California [ppt] or    Colorado [ppt] or 
Connecticut [ppt] or    Delaware [ppt] or 
District of Columbia [ppt] or    Florida [ppt] or 
Georgia [ppt] or    Hawaii [ppt] or 
Idaho [ppt] or    Illinois [ppt] or 
Indiana [ppt] or    Iowa [ppt] or 
Kansas [ppt] or    Kentucky [ppt] or 
Louisiana [ppt] or    Maine [ppt] or 
Maryland [ppt] or    Massachusetts [ppt] or 
Michigan [ppt] or    Minnesota [ppt] or 
Mississippi [ppt] or    Missouri [ppt] or 
Montana [ppt] or    Nebraska [ppt] or 
Nevada [ppt] or    New Hampshire [ppt] or 
New Jersey [ppt] or    New Mexico [ppt] or 
New York [ppt] or    North Carolina [ppt] or 
North Dakota [ppt] or    Ohio [ppt] or 
Oklahoma [ppt] or    Oregon [ppt] or 
Pennsylvania [ppt] or    Rhode Island [ppt] or 
South Carolina [ppt] or    South Dakota [ppt] or 
Tennessee [ppt] or    Texas [ppt] or 
Utah [ppt] or    Vermont [ppt] or 
Virginia [ppt] or    Washington [ppt] or 
West Virginia [ppt] or    Wisconsin [ppt] or 
Wyoming [ppt] or   

Slide References

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