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Five-Country Study Points to Ways the United States Could
Further Decrease Teenage Pregnancy and STD Rates

Differences in Contraceptive Use More Important Than Sexual Activity in Explaining Cross-Country Variations in Teen Pregnancy and Childbearing (12/2001)

Researchers Weigh Options For Microbicide Development (11/2001)

Media Campaign In Cameroon Linked With Increased Contraceptive Use (11/2001)

South African Men Would Choose Vaginal Microbicides Over Condoms To Prevent Sexually Transmitted Disease (11/2001)

Women With a History of Childhood Abuse Underestimate Sexual Risk (10/2001)

State Policymakers Provide Minimal Guidance on Sexuality Education Policy (9/2001)

Analysis Identifies Factors That Promote And Protect Against Sexual Activity Among Teens (9/2001)

Mayas estan mas atrasadas que Ladinas en el uso de anticonceptivos (9/2001)

Mayans Lag Far Behind Ladinos in Contraceptive Use Yet Use in Guatemala Low Overall
[available in Spanish] (7/2001)

Private Health Insurance Falls Short in Covering Key Reproductive and Sexual Health Services in Washington State (7/2001)

Federal Abstinence-Only Education Funds Frequently Used for In-School Instruction (7/2001)

Many Hiv-Infected Adults In The United States Desire And Expect To Have Children (7/2001)

Global Gag Rule Is Anti-Family Planning And Undemocratic (6/2001)

Teens More Likely To Use Contraception When Partners Are Similar To Each Other (6/2001)

New Medicaid Managed Care Rules Include Vital Protections For Women Seeking Family Planning (5/2001)

Teens' Reproductive Health Care Well Covered In State Chip Programs (5/2001)

Fear And Misconceptions About Contraception Lead Nigerian Youths To Rely On Abortion To Avoid Unwanted Births (5/2001)

Parent-Child Homework Enhances Communication And Supports Teens' Intentions To Be Abstinent (4/2001)

Social Networks Influence Contraceptive Choice In Thailand (3/2001)

Children's Internet Protection Act Denies Access To Reproductive Health Information (3/2001)

All But Politicians Seem To Agree That Teens Need More Than Abstinence-Only Education (3/2001)

Millions Of U.S. Women Rely On Publicly Funded Family Planning Clinics For Their Reproductive Care (2/2001)


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