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Selected AGI research and policy analysis featured in the media (PDF files)

Period Piece Women Get Their Revolution in Birth Control--Sort Of (Sharon Lerner, The Village Voice)

How George Bush Will Ban Abortion (Michelle Goldberg, Salon)

Improved Access To Emergency Contraception Could Prevent Unwanted Pregnancies and Abortions and Save New York $450 Million Annually (Office of the New York State Comptroller, Press Release )

Symposium Question: Should Congress Be Giving More Financial Support to Abstinence-only Education? (Cory Richards, Insight)

Tracking Numbers (Beth Frederick, letter to the editor, Washington Times)

Doctors Wary of Partial-Birth Abortion Law (Carol Cruzan Morton, Boston Globe)

City Teen Birth Rate at 4-decade Low (David Khan,

Emergency Contraception Helps Women Avoid Pregnancy (Kathryn B. Brow, Blue Mountain Eagle)

Senate OKs Ban on Partial Birth Abortion Law (Janet Hook, Los Angeles Times)

State Can't Afford to Cut Family Planning Programs (Editorial, Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Contraceptive Emergency (Heather Boonstra, Letter to the Editor, Conscience)

Unexpectedly Expecting: Pregnant After 40 (Carey Goldberg, Boston Globe)

Chastity Pressed on US Teens (Clare Murphy, BBC News)

School Abstinence Programs Bad for Teens? (Steve Mitchell, UPI)

Comprehensive Care (Beth Fredrick, letter to the editor, New Republic)

HPV Language in AIDS Bill Could Discourage Condom Use (Feminist Daily Daily News Wire)

Rise in Teen Sexual Activity Surprise to Area Teen (The Onion)

More Junk Science (Mother Jones)

Straightforward Sex Education Now Here (Donald A. Collins, Population Press)

Tapestry Internships Take Off (Lisa Roberge, GazetteNET)

Volunteer Drivers Hold Keys to Abortion Access (Karen Shugart, Women's eNews)

"Partial birth' outcry really a ploy to end all abortions" (Op-Ed, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

""AIDS Bill to Export 'Abstinence Only' to Africa" " (Peggy Simpson, Women's eNews)

"Lawmakers, hospitals struggle with status of emergency contraceptives" (Pamela Brogan, The Baxter Bulletin)

"Birth control gets new look and feel" (Kristin Gerencher, CBS Market Watch)

"Out of the time warp" (Anna Quindlen, Newsweek)

"Women having earlier abortions; 'morning-after' pill use rises" (Carey Goldberg, Boston Globe)

"Abortion providers fewest in 30 years" (Ceci Connolly, Washington Post)

"30 years after Roe v. Wade, new trends but the old debate" (Kate Zernike, The New York Times)

"30 years after Roe, social rift persists" (Sherry Jacobson, The Dallas Morning News)

Bush's Anti-Choice Policies Felt Around World (Asjylyn Loder, Women's Enews)

Use of RU-486 in Idaho unclear" (Dan Gallagher, AP Idaho)

"Abortion rates fall, but issues still divide" (Marie McCullough, Philadelphia Inquirer/Knight Ridder)

"Study finds U.S.†abortion rate lowest since 1974" (Matt Leinging, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)

"Study: abortion pill accounted for 6 percent of U.S. abortions" (Amy Westfeldt, AP)

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