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A selection of Guttmacher Institute research and analysis featured in the media (PDF files)

In some cases, pregnant teens must rely on confidentiality (Sue Hutchison, Mercury News)

Under Din of Abortion Debate, An Experience Shared Quietly (John Leland, New York Times)

Bills Target Pharmacists Who Say No (Jordan Rau, The L.A. Times)

The Women's View (Jodi Enda, The American Prospect)

(06/01/2005) Pregnant at 40+ (More)

(04/01/2005) A Woman's Right in Peril (The Progressive)

Bush Sex Scandal (Nicholas Kristof, New York Times)

Post-Roe Postcard (Sharon Lerner, The Nation)

Bush's Choice (Maureen Turner, Hartford Advocate)

When There Was No Choice (Sharon Lerner, Village Voice)

Letters to the editor: Women and contraceptives (Sharon Camp, Washington Times)

More Women Opting Against Birth Control, Study Finds (Ceci Connolly, Washington Post)

City's teen births decline (Laura Vozzella, Baltimore Sun)

Women to pay a price (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Study Deems Federally Funded Sex Ed. Inaccurate, Misleading (Julie Segraves, The New Standard)

Is abstinence the best approach to prevention? (Sarah Glazer, CQ Researcher)

Druggists refuse to give out pill (USA Today)

America decides (The Observer)

Standard Days, For Whom? (Allison Stein Wellner,

Maternity Charges Skyrocket (Harlold Harare,

More Health Plans Cover Birth Control (Marc Kaufman, Washington Post)

Research can provide a final win for the Gipper (Ellen Goodman, Dallas Morning News)

Abstinence only--does it work? (Jane Brody, New York Times)

Sounds of Silence (Pia de Solenni, National Review Online)

Its Morning After in America (Kay S. Hymowitz, The Manhattan Institute, City Journal)

On family planning, U.S. vs much of the world (Howard LaFranchi, Christian Science Monitor)

New Jersey surpasses all states in teenage abortion rate (Angela Stewart, Newark Star Ledger)

A spike in HIV infections among black men shocked N.C. colleges (Herbert L. White, Charlotte Post)

State No. 1 For Birth Rate in Black Teens (Bruce Murphy, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel )

Study: Investing in Sexual Health Pays Benefits (Patricia Reaney, Reuters Health)

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