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The Supreme Court and the Future of U.S. Reproductive Rights (09/08/2005)

FDA Again Stalls on Over-the-Counter Status for Emergency Contraception  (08/29/2005)

Medicaid Turns 40: What You Didn't Know About This Vital Source of Family Planning Funding (07/29/2005)

Reproductive health in the state legislatures, January-June 2005 (07/11/2005)

Pediatricians’ Association Supports Comprehensive Approach to Teen Pregnancy Prevention  (07/06/2005)

O’Connor Retirement and Reproductive Rights  (07/01/2005)

Congress Asserts Interest in Requiring Parental Involvement for Teen Contraceptive Use (06/23/2005)

House Votes to Again Deny Funding for the United Nations Population Fund (06/20/2005)

U.S. Government Denies HIV/AIDS Funds to Groups Lacking Anti-Prostitution Policy (06/09/2005)

Legal Birth Control Turns 40  (06/06/2005)

National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy (05/04/2005)

March for Women’s Lives (04/25/2005)

Canada Approves Over-the-Counter Access to Plan B Emergency Contraception (04/20/2005)

Do you know how to back up your birth control? (03/21/2005)

International Women’s Day Puts Spotlight on Fastest Growing Group Afflicted by HIV/AIDS (03/08/2005)

Women of the World Affirm Their Rights  (03/05/2005)

Valentine’s Day Kicks off National Condom Week  (02/16/2005)

AGI at the Youth Advocacy Summit in Brussels (02/16/2005)

President Bush’s FY 2006 Budget: Increased Funding for Abstinence-Only Education Puts Teens at Risk (02/09/2005)

State legislatures kick off 2005 with renewed attention to sexual and reproductive health (02/07/2005)

Lawsuits Filed to Enjoin Federal Refusal Clause (12/20/2004)

New Report Finds Federally Funded Abstinence-Only Programs Offer False, Misleading Information (12/03/2004)

World AIDS Day: how to better meet the needs of women of all ages (11/30/2004)

The U.S. government and the ABCs of HIV/AIDS prevention (11/26/2004)

Debate on Stem Cell Research Heats Up (11/25/2004)