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Reproductive health in the state legislatures, January-June 2005

July 11, 2005

By the beginning of July, almost three-quarters of state legislatures had adjourned for 2005. Since January, 17 states have enacted 23 laws aimed at limiting access to reproductive health services, including measures to

On the other hand, 14 states have enacted positive measures that will

Some of these positive measures include restrictive provisions. Arkansas’ contraceptive coverage mandate specifically excludes EC, while West Virginia’s applies only to adults. (See .) EC was also excluded from measures to expand Medicaid eligibility for family planning services and supplies in both Indiana and Texas, while the Texas legislation also requires that the program emphasize sexual abstinence for unmarried women and prohibit participation by—or referrals to—abortion providers or their affiliates. Texas, as well as Connecticut, also excluded women younger than 18 from the expansion. (See .)

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