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An Overview of Abortion in the United States (2005)

Sex Education: Needs, Programs and Policies (2005)

Adding It Up: The Benefits of Investing In Sexual and Reproductive Health Care (2004)

Contraception in the United States: Current Use and Continuing Challenges (2004)

In Their Own Right: Addressing the Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs of Men Worldwide(2004)

Trends in Abortion in the United States, 1973-2000 (2003)

State-by-State Trends in Abortion in the United States (2003)

In Their Own Right: Addressing the Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs of American Men (2002)

Teenage Sexual and Reproductive Health in Developed Countries: Can More Progress Be Made? (2001)

Fulfilling the Promise: Public Policy and U.S. Family Planning Clinics (2001)


Share information on a wide range of topics using these presentation tools from the Guttmacher Institute. They can be downloaded as PowerPoint files and

• Presented directly from a computer (with or without a projector),

• Printed onto paper handouts or overhead transparencies, or

• Converted to slides by a service bureau.

If you prefer, the files are also available in PDF.

Each presentation contains complete reference information in the notes section of each slide, and many include accompanying speaking notes or scripts. You can also access the numbers underlying the data points on each chart.

To access speaking notes, references and data points:

Step 1: Download presentations as PowerPoint (not PDF)

Step 2: On the toolbar, choose [Edit], then choose
[Edit Slides]. This will reveal the PowerPoint menu options.

Step 3a: To view speaking notes and references, choose [View] on the toolbar, then choose "notes pages."

Step 3b: To view data points on chart slides, double-click on the chart. A small table showing all the underlying numbers will pop up.

Policy for download:
Guttmacher Institute presentation tools are made available for general use with the understanding that the information presented will not be altered in any way. You may choose to present selected slides from the presentation or incorporate slides into other presentations. However, by changing the text, data or references contained on the individual slides you violate the Guttmacher Institute's copyright.

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